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Hello! My name is Arif Khan.

I am working in the field of information technology since more than two decades presently working as SAVP in a financial sector. Alhamdulillah with ample years of professional development and teaching experience in IT field. I realize that growing number of viewers specially CS students are looking for high quality, professional content on new technologies and subjects, which is hard to find. I am trying to fill that gap. I believe that anyone working with data can benefit from knowing Microsoft, Linux, Python, Oracle, Odoo, Django, Note JS, React Native, GraphQL, MongoDB PyQt, Arduino (IOT), Process Automation, Data Warehousing, ETL etc. I took my hands on languages, frameworks languages and Database, and break them down into bite-size tutorials and blogs for everyone to have. My aim is to make this a sustainable project for myself and my viewers, so if you appreciate my blog and
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